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What We Do 

We focus on providing opportunities for young students to gain exposure and experiences through science experiments/ STEM projects while focusing on their communication skills.  Students will gain self-confidence and practice public speaking when describing their project and express their predictions, identify the problems and offer solutions. The class projects always conceptualize a real-world problem and the actual professions that deal with that issue. Kids will learn so much about different occupations and find their interest in STEM-related fields.

Coding and 3D design classes are adjusted to match with the level of the students and accept students as young as age 6.  We believe in the integration approach and always combine STEM, coding, and 3D design classes together. Our micro: bit classes are an introduction to robotics and in the advanced levels integrated with STEM, coding, and 3D design.


About the Founder

Melineh is a teacher and a mom. She has an M.A. in Education with over 20 years of professional experience as an instructor and the last three years as a  university lecturer.  After moving to the US, she went to UCLA and studied Human Resources Management and worked in an HR company. But she enjoys the academic environment and feels more confident and satisfied in education. She founded her company named “Teach Communication through Science Experiments” which is specialized in teaching young learners the skill of effective communication and language development through hands-on fun science experiments and develop their analytical and explanatory skills. She participated at various STEM conferences, workshops as a speaker, presenter, and panelist. She lives in Glendale with her husband and two kids.

Who are Our Instructors?

Our team at Tinker Club is composed of highly qualified individuals who have bachelor's or master's degrees in computer science, biology, or data analysis, from accredited universities in the United States. In addition to their educational qualifications, all instructors have passed background checks to ensure the safety and security of the students. The Tinker Club also runs weekly meetings to maintain quality control, address any customized needs, and conduct developmental workshops. These measures ensure that the instructors are well-qualified and committed to providing a high-quality educational experience to the students at Tinker Club.

Young Teacher

Mission & Vision

The Company is on a mission to provide STEM for all, inspire and nurture kid’s innate curiosity by giving personalized care to its students and engage them in STEM (science, technology engineering, and math). Raising interest in kids to choose STEM-related careers in the future is the secondary goal of this program. The ultimate goal is to involve every child in logical thinking feeling comfortable in expressing their judgment and being able to communicate effectively.

Science experiments and activities are the platforms to develop English proficiency and communication skills in our students especially in a non-native and underrepresented group

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