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Level 3: Tech Titans (6 -7)

Build and code different carnival rides, machines,

  • 1 h 45 min
  • 117 S Louise St, Glendale, CA 91205

Service Description

This course is an introduction to robotics!! We will use Lego Spike kits to build different challenges like rides, merry-go-rounds, etc. Every session the students will build a different ride using LEGOs or other materials, and code the structure to respond to the instructions written in the code by using sensors, motors, analytical skills, and calculations. This level of Tinker Club does not require a division between coding and hands-on science, since the challenges in each session require both skills during the 105-minute classes. Learning Goals: • Demonstrate a solid knowledge of coding using Scratch, and foundational engineering knowledge. • Develop time management skills to be able to break a big project into sections and smaller tasks amongst a team. • Increase confidence in public speaking and communicating findings • Discover an effective scientific approach to gathering and analyzing data, and using math and logic to interpret results.

Upcoming Sessions

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1244 Valley view Rd #120 Glendale Ca 91202

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