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STEM Education

What is STEM Education?

STEM education is a curriculum designed around four fields: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. This focus was introduced due to the fact that the future job industry will be full of careers in these fields yet there has been a decreasing number of students focusing on them.

That fact hurts this country in two ways. First, there will not be enough people to fill the job positions needed to carry on our way of life and improve it. Second, our children are ill-prepared for a large and vital portion of the workforce.

To combat this, STEM was created. The idea behind the curriculum is to introduce and engage students in these four areas so that they will be able to see how the world works and develop solutions to problems.

As opposed to treating these areas as four separate subjects, a STEM education melds them into one curriculum. As these fields do naturally overlap, it makes more sense to teach them as one cohesive until.

Our STEM curriculum is completely hands-on and comes in different fields, such as hands-on science experiments, makerspace, coding, and 3D design. 3D design involves strong practical math skills, geometry, creativity, and imagination to solve the problem, and kids as young as kindergarten can learn how to design their first toy, their pencil case, or anything they can think of in our 3D design course.  3D design for kids is one of many ways to develop STEM skills, but 3D printing for kids is a world of amazement. The 3D printer itself creates a lot of excitement, which means the students are engaged, curious, and ready to learn.

Depending on the project, they will also be introduced to several other topics and give them a greater understanding. Some of these include architecture, art, design, critical thinking, geography, chemistry, and history. The sky is truly the limit.

STEM is not just for the classroom, though. Parents can complete STEM activities with their children at home, sign them up for additional classes, and provide them with online videos and classes. Be sure to take a look at our events and activities as well.

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