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About Tinker Club


Tinker Club is on a mission to nurture the curiosity of children and empower them with logical thinking and problem-solving. Our unique methodology enhances communication skills and team-building techniques. Students gain self-confidence, public speaking abilities, and exposure to real-world problems and professions through engaging science experiments and STEM projects.


Our program integrates various components of STEM: hands-on science, coding, robotics, and 3D design. The students start with no prior experience in any STEM field and develop a scientific approach to Code, Create, and Conquer any project from scratch. Our courses help learners blend coding, robotics, 3D design, and communication to solve real-world problems. 

English Proficiency

Our hands-on activities and focus on communication skills, help English Language Learners (ELAs) to develop English proficiency and oral skills in a short time. For the Tinker Club, fostering well-rounded learners prepared for the challenges of the future holds special significance, particularly within non-native and underrepresented communities.

Join us in empowering the next generation of STEM enthusiasts!

Excited Children in Science Class

Founder & Ceo

Melineh Zohrabian

I love what I am doing every day. With a master's degree in education and over two decades of teaching college students, and children, I believe the path to success starts at a very young age.  When I had my children, I became even more passionate about finding the secret of having happy and confident children who are capable of making the right decisions for themselves in their adulthood. This endeavor led my path to study HR management at UCLA to embed some management skills and my teaching experience. Later, I founded Tinker Club to fill the gap and empower children with logical thinking and the art of teamwork in a project-based setting where they create, build, and work with their teams to solve problems. Being an educator and a mother, I believe successful people are those who stand up when they fail and even lift others when things do not work as they expected. I enjoy actively participating in the STEM community. I have been a featured speaker, presenter, and panelist at various STEM conferences and workshops. Giving back to the community is important for me and my family, I also served as the president of the “parent education” board, at Glendale Community College.

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Our Team

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