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Parent and Me Workshops

Spending quality time with children is vital in children's social, and emotional development. In today’s fast-paced world where both children and adults have busy schedules, it becomes more important to get engaged in fun and meaningful interactions.

At Tinker Club, we aim to bring families together through parent-and-me workshops, where they collaborate and tackle challenges alongside other families. These events serve two main purposes:

  • Provide the opportunity for the family members to work together as a team on a shared project alongside with other families


  • Allowing children to appreciate their parents' roles as mentors and supporters, while parents gain insight into their children's curiosity, problem-solving abilities, and other aspects of their development.


These events take place at different times of the year.

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Past Events

Tinker Club has hosted over 40 exciting, educational, and FREE workshops since 2018.

Annual Events


Little Engineers and Parents

Glendale Tech Week

After talking about teaching kids to think and act like engineers, parents, and their children teamed up to tackle the fun challenge of making a paper structure strong enough to hold a can of soup!


Egg Drop Challenge

Free family event

Parents and Children teamed up to create the most effective design for safeguarding a raw egg first from a 10-foot drop, then from a 25-foot drop. The champions competed to protect a raw egg from being dropped by a drone from a height of 50 feet!

Join In on The Fun and Learning!

These events take place at different times throughout the year. 

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