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Tinker Club 5 - 7

The start to exploring code through our best programs available! 

Our sessions are specially crafted to engage your young learners in STEM-based fun while teaching them the essential elements of science in their everyday world.

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Kids Using Digital Tablet

Level 1: Robo Rangers

Lego Robotics and Hands-on Science
Students to Teacher:   10:1

Duration: 105 min.

Transform your child's learning journey with our hands-on approach that combines Lego robotics and STEM experiments. We believe in making learning unforgettable and exciting for young minds.

By incorporating creativity and problem-solving, we help our little thinkers develop better observation and explanatory skills to make decisions based on their findings. We empower students to conduct two experiments on their own, reinforcing what they've learned. 

LEVEL 2: STEM Spouts

Scratch Jr coding and STEM
Students to Teacher: 10:1
Duration: 105 min.

Students learn to combine the magic of Scratch Jr. coding with hands-on science. Students learn the foundation of coding while using user-friendly blocks to ignite creativity. 


At this level, we place a special emphasis on teamwork and critical thinking.  Projects are designed to solve real-life scenarios, applying the knowledge gained from previous classes.  Students channel their newfound skills to solve real-world problems, engineer innovative solutions, and apply these concepts to their everyday lives. 

Building a Robot
Boy with DIY Robot

Level 3: Tech Titans

Advanced Lego Robotics and Engineering
Students to Teacher: 10:1
Duration: 105 min.

Here, our students apply their coding knowledge to a real-world adventure: designing Carnival rides! 


In this advanced level of Tinker Club, we blend the realms of coding with hands-on science. Each session promises a thrilling challenge as students craft a new ride using LEGOs. They're tasked with coding the structure while learning the utilization of sensors, motors, analytical skills, and precise calculations. As students dive deeper, they uncover the mysteries of physics through engineering, constructing intricate structures that execute their own code.

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