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Does Tinker Club collaborate with schools and PTAs?

Tinker Club is very active in helping schools' PTAs, and other nonprofit organizations to run events or help them in their fundraising efforts by providing science-related workshops or booths, and donating our time and profit.

We also develop and customize STEM curriculums based on the need and goals of a particular school. Contact us or visit our school partners page for more details.

How is Tinker Club involved in the community?

Tinker Club helps non-profit organizations, churches, and PTAs of the school to run events, fundraisings, and donate their time. We also have free live workshops through our parent and me programs, promoting quality family time helping families to make projects and be creative. Check the parent-me page for the events schedule.

What is the fee?

The classes are in a subscription model, and the fee for Tinker Club is charged monthly, the applicants can choose a date they are comfortable to be charged. Some classes like 3D designs and after schools programs are charged with a flat fee for the course.

Is there a make-up session if my child misses a class?

It is not possible to offer a makeup session for the exact missed class; however, please contact us and we will try to accommodate you to attend another class on another day. Please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee the content of the class to be the same as each class has its dynamic and the content and level of the class is always adjusted to match with the dynamic and enough challenge is given to the group.

What happened if the class falls on major holidays?

We are open and operate year round, however, there are main holidays that we are closed, or the location we are operating is closed to observe the holidays. As each facility has a different working calendar we will notify the holidays to class members via emails and text messages.

Are the class contents the same for all age groups?

No. Each age group has a different syllabus and lessons, and each level of the same age group follows different lessons. There is no repetition in any of our courses. 

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