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Playing on the Computer
Using a Screwdriver
Using the Computer
Kids in Technology Class
Building a Robot
Science Courses
Fixing a Toycar

Code. Create. Conquer.

Unlock the wonders of STEM for your child at Tinker Club, where hands-on learning and engaging science experiments fuel curiosity and build vital communication skills. Our teaching methodology focuses on improving logical and critical thinking, public speaking, and self-esteem. Join us on a journey as we prepare the next generation in resilence, analytical skills, and innovation.

Welcome to 
Tinker Club!

How is Tinker Club Different?

At Tinker Club, we are committed to providing the best learning experience for every student based on their interests and skill level. Keeping the love of learning, focusing on individual social-emotional needs, and promoting collaboration are the key factors for us. We are proud to offer the following features in our programs.

Public Education

Dedicated to supporting School admins, teachers, PTAs and non-profits


Project -based curricula following Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)  

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Value Families

Hosting fun and exciting parent and me workshops

Satisfactory rate

Voted as the most engaging program by 92% of teachers and students 

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What do our members think?

Thank you Tinker Club. we love your program at our summer camp.

Sound of Children
Cultural Center Summer Camp

Partners and Collaborations

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