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Code Wizard 8-10

Course info

Class Duration: 105 minutes

Structure: Scratch (60 min) and

Hands-on Science (45 min)

Class Size: 5-10 Students

Ratio (Students to Teachers): 6:1


Students make Intermediate-level computer games with Scratch applying more game features, like designing different levels, using variables like time, life, and more complicated tasks with fewer instructions. The hands-on science part is integrating multiple science concepts into one project.

Advanced Lego Robotics and Engineering

There are lots of teamwork and working with different construction materials that needs fine motor skills. The class required every students to develop more advanced explanatory skills, by encouraging the students to discuss and negotiate within the group and present their projects in front of the class. The topics of hands on science are more engineering based like making a pinball machine to learn about energy transfers and Newton 2, and 3 rd laws, air plane launcher, and rockets and more!

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate higher-level coding, public speaking skills, and teamwork, with less guidance from teachers

  • Learn about energy transfer, Newton laws, and integrate math into science

  • Collect data from experiments and explain results using factual evidence

  • Implement NGSS standards

  • K-2-ETS1 Engineering Design

  • 3-5-ETS1 Engineering Design

  • 4-PS3 Energy

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