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The start to exploring code through our best programs available! 

Our sessions are specially crafted to engage your young learners in STEM-based fun while teaching them the essential elements of science in their everyday world.

Tinker Club 8 - 10

Level 1: STEM : Code Crafters 

Students to Teacher: 8:1
Duration: 105 min.

During the hands-on phase, students work on tasks like creating recycling sorting devices, building ramps to prevent freewheeling, exploring electrical circuits, and crafting magnetic toys. We also focus on developing their presentation and discussion skills, encouraging them to share their designs with their peers.


In this dynamic and engaging learning experience, we equip young minds with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in our tech-driven society, fostering confidence and creativity for the future.

Level 2: Code Wizards

Students to Teacher: 8:1
Duration: 105 min.

Welcome to the next level of our journey! In this class, students create intermediate-level computer games using Scratch, designing different levels and mastering variables like time and life. With hands-on science, students integrate various science concepts into exciting projects, fostering teamwork and fine motor skills.


Students enhance their presentation and negotiation skills by discussing projects within their groups and presenting to the class. Our topics focus on engineering, including pinball machines, to learn about energy transfers, airplane launchers, and rockets.

Project Management 1.png
project management.png

Level 3: Junior Project Planners

Engineering and project planning  in coding 
Students to Teacher: 8:1
Duration: 105 min.

Get ready for a whirlwind four-week crash course! This is the ultimate opportunity for students to take what they've learned and apply it in a whole new way. With minimal instructions, students are tasked with designing and developing assigned projects alongside a partner.


What makes this course special? It's all about teamwork and collaboration. Students work closely with their partners, sketching out their plans, brainstorming, discussing every detail, and then diving into the project. The best part? They get to create working mini versions of their projects using construction materials, bringing their ideas to life in a fun and hands-on way!

Technology Class

Level 4:Master Makers

Robotics with Microbit

Students to Teacher: 8:1
Duration: 105 min.

In this advanced robotic class, we propel young minds into a realm of critical thinking and hands-on learning. We kickstart the journey with key questions that ignite curiosity:

  • How do our everyday gadgets and technology work?

  • How does a smartwatch accurately count our steps?

  • How do garage doors magically open on their own?


In this robotic adventure, kids take the coding helm, with 70% of their time dedicated to crafting mini gadgets from batteries, motors, LEDs, and construction materials. They delve into the world of STEM and tackle challenges using their own critical thinking and boundless creativity.

Science Class
STEm picture_edited.jpg

Level 5: Future Inventors

Project-Based Course
Students to Teacher: 10:1
Duration: 105 min.

As our students embark on an exciting journey, they're equipped with the essential tools to create project-based learning opportunities from the ground up. Just like participants on Shark Tank, our students are challenged to develop and design their projects for presentation.

The projects range from simpler to more intricate, but students follow a structured process

This project integrates various STEM skills, including 3D modeling, and allows students to apply their knowledge practically and creatively. It also fosters problem-solving, critical thinking, and innovation, empowering students to shine as the next generation of creative thinkers and problem-solvers.

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