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STEM Sprouts 5 - 7

Course info

Class Duration: 105 minutes

Structure: Scratch Junior (60 min), Hands-on STEM (45 min)

Class Size: 5-10 Students

Ratio (Students to Teachers): 6:1


Our classes are jam-packed with opportunities for every student to grow. The goal of this class is to introduce the fundamentals of coding; using blocks to code. The class objectives are focusing on creating small animations and understanding the concept of sequencing, repetition, and timing the actions to run the code and follow instructions.

Scratch Junior

Introduce coding and programming to young learners through Scratch Junior. Projects include creating animations, games, puzzles, and other creative expressions. Students learn the basics of coding logic and develop their own project.


Hands-on STEM

Students are tasked to solve real-life scenarios with everything they have learned from past classes. Some of the  big science topics we cover are humanity’s impact on Earth and what technologies are designed to mitigate their negative effects, the properties of different materials and how they react with other substances, understanding the basics of physics and chemical reactions, and learning about the senses and functions of the human body. With all this knowledge, the students use their new skills to solve problems, engineer solutions, and apply these concepts to everyday life.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develops communication skills by presenting their project to the class

  • Practices team building and group work

  • Develops fine motor skills by using different materials and bringing their ides to life

  • Lesson plans are in line with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) of level K-2, and Full Option Science System (FOSS). Both of these standards are designed to focus on a student first approach to teaching, and have a strong legacy of success.

  • Some topics involve engineering and requires students to recall multiple science principles covered in a single project

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