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Master Makers 8-10

Course info

Class Duration: 105 minutes

Structure: Robotics with microbit

Class Size: 5-10 Students

Ratio (Students to Teachers): 8:1


In this robotic class, kids code 70% of the time and they make their mini gadgets out of batteries, motors, LEDs, and construction materials, all while exploring STEM, and solving challenges with their critical thinking and creativity. This level has two parts intermediate and advanced robotics

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking and application-based learning are the heart of this level. In each project, instructors will ask the following key questions and help guide the students to understanding and building the answer.

  • How do our daily gadgets and tech work?

  • How does a password protect a safe?

  • How does a smart watch count steps?

  • How do elevators go on the selected floor?

  • How does a garage door open automatically?

  • How do door alarm systems work?

Learning Outcomes

  • How code works outside the computer

  • Learn about electric circuits and design gadgets of your own

  • Be able to explain the mechanism of new projects and come up with scientific testing methods to make valid predictions

  • Develop advanced explanatory skills and practice public speaking

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