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Future Inventors 8-10

Course info

Class Duration: 105 minutes

Structure: Project Based

Class Size: 5-10 Students

Ratio (Students to Teachers): 10:1


Now that our students came a long way, they are equipped with the fundamental tools to develop project-based learning opportunities from scratch. Just like Shark Tank participants, the students should develop and design their project to present.

Project Based Learning

Project difficulties can vary from simpler to more complicated, but students take certain steps to structure their project. This project integrates various STEM skills including 3D design and 3D modeling and allows students to apply their knowledge in a practical and creative way. It also promotes problem- solving, critical thinking, and innovation!!!

1. Introduction to the Project

Introduce the project concept and its real-world relevance, including the role of technology in solving everyday problems

4. Components and Technology

Teach students about the various components they might need such as sensors, actuators, power sources, and microcontrollers.

7. Final Presentation and Evaluation

Ask students to present their project and explain the design, functionality, and technology used. Evaluate projects based on specific criteria.

2. Research the Topic in detail

Encourage students to conduct research on specific aspects of the problem. Identify who their project helps and how to best help the target audience.

5. Coding and Automation

Teach students how to program microcontrollers and automate their system using sensors and motors. 

8. Competition and Showcase

Students participate in a showcase and competition where they present their product to a wider audience, just like Shark Tank participants.

3. Design and Prototyping

Introduce students to 3D design and printing tools. Guide them through the process of designing and refining their product prototype.

6. Testing and Feedback

Have students test their prototypes and encourage them to observe how their target audience interacts with the device. Gather feedback from peers and instructors and make improvements.

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